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The HAZTEAM Website - Visual Evolution of HT

Our Website has been a vital component of HT since it's birth in July of 2001 The site has been a visual representation of what HT is all about and has also mirrored the evolution of HT itself over the years. Along with it's forums, the HT website has always been a key component in keeping the team togther and active outside of the game which has proven to be one of the more key attributes of a successful clan.

The creators of the website have always tried to keep the website informative, easy to use, helpful, and also hold a keen visual style. Over the years the site has become not only a place for the team but also for many people and groups of the gaming community. Originally and still hosted under hazteam.net, the site has also expanded to hazteam.com, hazteam.org, hazteam.info and hazteam.us with thanks to our many supporters and contributors.

Over the years there have been a total of eleven versions and variations of the website. Some of which have never even met the public eye due to different reasons. Here you will find the evolution of the HAZTEAM website from Version 1 right up to Version 10 and of course our present Version 11.

You can click on the titles of each version to view a snapshot of it.

Version 1, Codename: "Star Trek"

The very first version of the Hazteam site. It made it's debut along with the rest of HAZTEAM on July 6, 2001. As a new team back in 2001, the inital "vision" of HAZTEAM was based on the "Hazard Team" of the Star Trek based computer game, Elite Force. We wanted this vision of Star Trek to be a presence in the theme of this site. Nymesis had the entire site invisioned in his head and I helped him realise this by putting it out in graphics. The end result: A red LCARS themed site complete with sound, animations and all!

Version 2, Codename: "The Blue Version"

This second version came when it was decided that we needed a change but weren't quite ready to totally rethink and redo the design of the site. So what we came up with was a new theme for the previous version of the site. A blue, not-so-LCARS theme resulted. Also with this site came the design of the ever-since used HAZTEAM "chrome" logo.

Version 3, Codename: "The Flash Experiment"

This version is the first of the unseen versions to be created. It came at a point when we needed something totally new all together. I had just been getting into flash and thought it would be good to experiment with creating a mix FLASH/HTML site. The initial designs looked great but as I went on implementing the sitimplementing the new site with Flash, Nymesis and I had a greater idea before it was even finished......... Version 4.

Version 4, Codename: "THE Flash"

This was supposed to be the ultimate of sleekness and design at the time. And it was. One of the best clan sites out there at the time. We decided to have a go at making a site enitrely and flash and Version 4 is what resulted. It was a very interactive site that was almost FUN to browse with the animations and all There was only one draw back which was keeping this type of site updated as much as it needed to be. With Nym not knowing a whole lot about flash let alone the rather complex methods I had used for updating it (it's not my fault!), the site became impractical over time and we needed something new.

Version 5, Codename: "That Site...You know, the one we don't mention"

This site WAS supposed to be the next generation of HAZTEAM sites. The most practical, efficient, both for users and webmasters, and the most informing. And it was. Well it was going to be. Keeping things simple, this site was actually a great site and was nearly complete before some rough times for Termy and the rest of HAZTEAM led to it being placed in the recycle bin......and emptied. It never saw the light of day. We shall never speak of this again. :*)

Version 6, Codename: "The Comeback"

This was the HT "comback" site after a period of rough times. It really wasn't that bulky of a site. Not nearly the amount of content and information as previous versions. But it had all it needed for what HAZTEAM was at the time as well as some half decent graphics :) Keep in mind that this also co-exitsed at the same time as the "hazteam.com" site that the new Renegade Division was using. (Still looking for SS of that site. Anyone?)It was a simple site for a simple team in a simple time.

Version 7, Codename: "LCARS Revisited"

Perhaps my most favorite version of a HAZTEAM website that sadly never completed production. It was supposed to be the Flash and LCARS sites revisited in one. A completely realistic (from Star Trek point of view), working, animating, noise making, LCARS console that had all the bells and whistles and much more. I wanted it to be so detailed and perfect that it was taking to much time and effort than we had to put into it at the time especially with the "merger" underway and HAZTEAM desperately in need of a new site. This was put on hold and I do intend on revisiting it and completing it. :)

Version 8, Codename: "Whatever"

You know what.....just forget this one. I don't know why I even consider it a version :P It was basically a quick mockup of a rough template made in a couple days that WAS going to go on to be the new HT site. But I figured screw this! and Nym and I had the idea to redesign the old Version 5 layout (yeah I know, never mention it..blah blah) and make it bigger and better.

Version 9, Codename: "Version Nine"

Which is EXACTLY what we did. New color theme, new graphics, new content. Here we are. And NOW you know.......the rest of the story. I'm Paul Harvey...goodni...Wait no I'm not.

Version 10, Codename: "Agent Orange"

This go around, we decided to contract the company 7th Hat to create something new and they surely accomplished that. This was also the first time we experimented with Nuke, and it seemed to work out really well with the different modules we had activated; teamspeak, webmail, shoutbox, server donations, etc. The only issue we had with this site was the non integration with our IPB forums. We are avide fans of IPB, and we did not want to migrate to the Nuke phpBB forums. So, we used this version for a bit until we migrated completely to IPB, integrating the entire site contents with the IPB forums. Which is in use today.

Well that's it! The life and times of the HT website. I hope you enjoyed the show :P



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